Impact of self-driving cars

Impact on the world economy due to the self-driving cars.

For past few months, self-driving cars and trucks have been in the top line of the tech news. It is definitely going to be the biggest leap in the history of mankind.

First time in the human history a fully automated system going to live side by side with general human society. This is going to be challenging and revolutionary because till to date the automates systems usually work with humans in highly controlled environments like factories where the system can predict what is going to happen. Now the time has come that automated systems like a self-driving car can live in harmony with human beings in an uncontrolled environment and systems can adapt to all the changes that humans are going to make in real time.

Improvement in the fields of AI and deep learning helped self-driving cars a lot by helping them to decisions more accurately, efficiently and adapt to new systems which are not pre-programmed.

Rough statics show that in the US around 20% of the population is directly dependent on the truck and taxi industry. Self-driving cars / trucks are going to take out the jobs these persons. This can trigger a mass unemployment, which can result in a world of poverty and calamity.

The current Job market is not large enough to accommodate 20% the US population who got unemployed due to the self-driving cars. 20% unemployment means a number of sales in the shops are going to reduce drastically which in turn will trigger a large layoff by the manufacturing industries. This, in turn, will increase the unemployment to a larger scale creating a vicious circle which can result in one of the largest recession mankind has ever seen.

Said that, We cannot say the self-driving cars / trucks are bad. This going to be the first step of human beings to a world in which humans can sit ideal and follow his passion and robots / AI systems will take care of all the other things.

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